Understanding Climate Solutions

Have you ever felt the subtle changes in the air? Noticed the unpredictable weather patterns? Or wondered about the rising sea levels? This isn't just a phase; it's the new reality. Climate change is here, and it's altering the world as we know it.

To navigate this shift, we need foresight and action. Climate Drift aims to provide both. Together, we'll explore the solutions of climate change, understanding what is hot air and what could be a scalable solution

That's why

and I, , started Climate Drift, to be a lighthouse in this storm.

We slice through the climate complexity, dishing out no-nonsense analysis of the solutions that really make waves. If you want to understand climate change, not just read about it, you're in the right place.

It's easy to get lost in the maze of problems and supposed solutions, unsure of what's real and what's just a fleeting idea.

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Climate Drift is for anyone serious about climate change. Whether you want to work in climate solutions, are already working in the field, investing in solutions, or simply seeking to understand, Climate Drift is for you.

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What we believe in:

  • Understanding Over Information: We're not here to bombard you with facts. We dig deeper, providing context and analysis that cuts through the noise.

  • Action Over Awareness: We zero in on real-world solutions, not just theories or problems confined to the lab. We want actionable insights that make a difference.

  • Community Over Isolation: Climate change isn't a solo battle. Join us, and be part of a network committed to understanding and addressing our world's most pressing issue. Subscribe to Climate Drift, and never lose sight of what truly matters.

  • Expert Perspectives: Gain access to unique insights and frameworks discovered through years of conversations with climate experts.

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Explaining climate solutions and helping 1 million people find their career in climate.


Skander Garroum

Founder & Economist on a mission to demystify climate solutions. Serving bite-sized insights and in-depth explorations.

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Alex Goodwin is a marketing expert with 7+ years experience helping companies clarify their message and build strong brands. Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexdgoodwin/

Marco & Skander

Explaining climate solutions and helping 1 million people find their career in climate.

Marco Morawec

I'm an entrepreneur (2 Startup Exits, most recent at $750M) who trained 1,000s of people to land a job in tech. I'm doing to same for climate now.

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Hi! I'm Isabelle and originally from France and Australia. I've had some experience in the circular economy, where I supported strategic partnerships. My background is in Operations management consulting to help drive efficiency and improve ROI.