I hope a lot of climate tech founders read this, Alex! This outdated idea of "broadcast messaging" is too deeply embedded in broader business culture and climate tech just picked it right up, without questioning. Meanwhile, these are the climate solutions that so many more decision-makers need to know even exist, but as you say - can't sort through the noise. There's a lot of work out there for storytelling experts (!), and when more startups get this right, it'll also help them be better seen (and covered) by climate media. One other thing: be able to connect your solution's story with real-time news. If the NYT or The Guardian, for example, have just done a huge story on food insecurity, that's when you use your leadership channels to connect those dots with your agricultural solution. And, be the one in your space building community with peers - and even competitors. This can seem a tough thing to do. But, the "convener" in any story is the one likely to have resilient success.

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